Fine art monochrome prints

Through the years, my photography has been drawn to abstraction within nature. My eye is attracted to patterns and textures that create their own unique designs regardless of their source or the subject they represent. Instead of making patterns as we all did in primary school art classes, I go hunting for them in the landscape. Using black and white film, the elimination of colour draws more attention to pattern and texture. Monochrome also tends to introduce mood or emotion into the image. The close ups of trees and weathered cliffs in the Bark and Eroded rock series are good examples. Fortunately, I choose not to imprison myself within this genre. My work extends to broader landscapes, religious artefacts and portraiture where pattern and texture continue to play an important part, albeit a less obvious one. My latest direction has taken me into the realm of local, Japanese buildings, preserved
and in decline. Newer galleries will be appearing to show this
recent work.

Unsigned prints are available in A4 and A3 sizes. Prints on A2 paper are sold in signed, limited editions of 50. Only fine art papers are used for all prints.