Bark Series 1 樹皮

A collection of close up images of trees, leaves and roots gathered in the UK, India, Italy, Japan and the USA.
被写体に接近して引き出された木々、葉、根元のイメージ 作品は主に英国、イタリア、日本で写された作品です

My work constantly draws me to the details of surfaces and overlooked patterns that can be found at close range. Although I love to explore woods and forests and do shoot more distant scenes when there, I find myself getting excited by a small section of bark, twisted branches, dying leaves or decaying wood. The isolation of such minutiae and the composition of an image that works as an abstract is what I find most satisfying.

This series is printed on Japanese unryu washi. A thin, translucent paper made from the kenaf plant, it has distinctive white fibres throughout which are mainly visible in the generous non printed areas. These give the paper its strength and unique visual quality. Prints are created from warm toned inks giving a slight brown tinge befitting bark. Available on A2 paper with an image size of 32 x 32 cms.
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